2016 Talent Show

The 2016 Talent Show was a HUGE success!!! Students were dancing, singing, karate chopping, hula hooping, jumping rope and doing flips all over the stage. We even had students acting in a video production for anti-bullying! Thank you to all of our students, parents, teachers and staff for making the talent show so wonderful this year!

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Videos courtesy of Mrs. Brooks

Talent Show Posters – Dance Team Members

Talent Show Posters courtesy of Mr. Brooks

Pics courtesy of Mrs. Brooks

10 Responses to 2016 Talent Show

  1. Savannah Babb says:

    I cant even watch it anymore but I think people did good

  2. mike says:

    i love the show it was an amazing show

  3. Aaniyah says:

    I loved that

  4. Pinky says:

    i love is you all did amazing my little buddy Darius did his thing on that stage he reminds me so much of miles i hope to see you soon love and miss you guys
    From jordyn and Pinky

  5. Margaret Chavis says:

    Wanted to be there so bad, but couldn’t make it. Thanks for recording this and sharing it. So proud of the students.

  6. Mrs. G. says:

    It was done in excellence!! Hopkins Rocks!!!

  7. Zaneya says:

    good talent show

  8. Zaneya says:

    Love her dance moves and her outfit #workitgirl

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