2014 Talent Show

The 2014 Talent Show was fantastic! All of our students practiced so hard and really showed off their talent this year. Congratulations to all of our performers!!! If you missed it don’t worry, all the pics and videos are right here on Hopkins Rocks, enjoy!

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Videos courtesy of Mrs. Brooks

[wunderslider_nggallery id=”107″]Pre-Show pics courtesy of Mrs. Brooks

[wunderslider_nggallery id=”108″]Performance pics courtesy of Mr. Ledgerwood

23 Responses to 2014 Talent Show

  1. I miss hopkins and there amazing talent shows Mr.Brooks

    • Mr. Brooks says:

      Make sure you enter the talent show at your middle school Randy, it’s always a blast to be on stage in a talent show!

  2. Tiffany Garland says:

    Everyone did a WONDERFUL JOB!!! I can’t wait until my daughter TAYLOR GARLAND Rocks THE HOUSE for 2015!!!!!! #Let’sGoBobcats

  3. Cristian says:

    These kids should be on America got Talent

  4. TYANA says:

    mr.brooks I will see u thursday

  5. kayleigh says:

    so miss hopkins and everyone there

  6. kayleigh says:

    its so cute i was here 3 years ago my name is kayleigh marie elliott i was in mrs kramer

  7. Ava says:

    Wow these kids are so good mr.brooks how did you do that.

  8. wow, just looking at these pics are making me miss hopkins all over again. Falling creek doesnt even have an awesome talent show like this, i still remember the talents show back then when i still went here. πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  9. Brhyndhya says:

    hi daneil i miss you from Ms.t colemans class ………………………-Brhyndhya

  10. jazmin lee says:

    yall was great i was not there but i saw the vids yall was killing it:):p

  11. melanie says:

    dat talent show wus greatz XD lol hahahahahhhahhaha

  12. danae(aka)PINKY says:

    awwwww they are so cute I wanted to be there

  13. melanie says:

    good job jonathan jurius

  14. daneil says:

    Daneil I killed it the crowd goes crazy

  15. jayden says:

    great job eveybody even to my friends Nadya and Brooklyn

  16. jaliyah says:


  17. That show was great!!!!

  18. Brandy Crisp says:

    Mr.Brooks is awesome. Great show

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