2013 Talent Show

Our annual Talent Show was held at Meadowbrook High School on April 23rd, 2013. The students were a smash as they sang, danced and showed off their talents. Thank you to all of our teacher and parent volunteers who helped make this such a wonderful event. Here are some pictures and videos from that amazing show!

All pictures courtesy of Ms. Lankey and Mrs. Brooks.
All videos courtesy of Ms. Jordan.

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19 Responses to 2013 Talent Show

  1. fernando says:

    i wish i could be in it

  2. i miss my friends i cant wait till school starts

  3. jazmin says:

    so i put my hands up there playing my song and buttersfly fly away nodding my head like yheah moving my hips like yeah whhhhhhhooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    i love that song

  4. shanya says:

    i wish I was in dea becus I will be jamming I will be havin fun I will make it hipe im serious I luvvv talent shows its so funn even mr.brooks makes it hipe I wish I was in the TALENT SHOW I will be dancin

    • jazmin says:

      hey it is me jazmin jer little sis and i love the talent show i was in it i am the girl in the tutu i am singing with 4 other girls shanya if you were in the talent show i knew you would kill it out there cus you are pretty and you can sing and you can dance so you should singh up next year girl you go girl i know you can do it so i want you to beat them next year i will not be here next yer so i will not see it so hope you the best wishes ,from jazmin

  5. DIANE FLINT says:


  6. MayMay says:

    That was good

  7. aniyahi says:

    They did very well I like it

  8. Debra J Hodge says:

    They did very well

  9. MS MACKLIN says:


  10. qb says:

    i love it we went down in hopkins history

  11. Jc love says:

    i was awesome was so shy every one was good

  12. danae aka pinkey says:

    we did great

    • shanya says:

      aww yall killed it girll yhu did good I want to be in wit yall next year but yall aint go be hea nd yall goin to 6th grade I hope I see yh sum othaa tyme *cries* yall leavin me see yhu next year:)

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