2013 SOL Song

On the evening of April 29th, 2013 five students and I sat down and recorded a parody song for an upcoming SOL pep rally.

Vocal talents courtesy of Quintajah Bennett, Marcaus Harris, Ally Hill, Gary Ampy and Erice Randolph. Consulting by Amaiya Johnson. Lyrics/Production by Mr. Brooks. Music by V.I.C.

I hope you enjoy this SOL testing Pep Rally song. Here is the track we recorded…

Rock The Test

Here are some videos of “Rock The Test” being performed around Hopkins…

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Videos courtesy of Ms. Jordan & Ms. Brenegan

31 Responses to 2013 SOL Song

  1. Rachel Espana says:

    OMG i miss doing these kinda stuff. Uff i want to go back to hopkins.. how are you mr.brooks?

  2. qb says:

    i did good and everyone else

  3. zykeria says:

    that was awesome but everyone knew how to do It they were just shy

  4. jalicea says:

    I am going to rock test so I can get a A+. let’s rock test this test everybody

  5. yall are soooooooooo good at the rock that song

  6. asya M last year says:


  7. aniyahi says:

    I loved it! @ shanaya I love all of he compliments love you girl

  8. shanya says:

    we do our sol test on the 16 of may im so happy:)

  9. They were right, The dance team rocked it out!!!!

  10. shanya says:

    gary look like he can be tha team of tha group:)

  11. shanya says:

    aww yalll did so good nd I will cry right now fo yall cus yall did so good

  12. shanya says:

    Hopkins baby Hopkins baby Hopkins baby hae 3rd grade come on nd rock tha test hae 4th grade come rock tha test hae 5th grade come on nd rock tha test hae all yall come on rock tha test I luvv dat song yall 🙂

  13. shanya says:

    awww dat was oso cute yall did so good I wish I was in dat jank I will kill it wobble baby wobble baby

  14. Robin Yohe says:

    Love it!!!! Another fine performance from the Hopkins Music Dept.!

  15. Eryqa says:

    Dance team is going to rock tomorrow lets show em what we got hopkins is best out of all the rest ;).

  16. jazmin says:

    do you guys know mrs. terry a third grade 3 teacher i am in her class and i love that song it is so amazing i think it was great you guys should start to make more songs like this see you later bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and this is jazmin jer lil sis

  17. Cyndee Blount says:

    I think Hopkins is going to ROCK the test! What a great song!

  18. jc says:

    love that song to much adicted to it love jahquala and why wasn’t i invited lol ttyl brb

  19. that was sooooooooooooooo cool!go hopkins

  20. zb says:

    that song is great good job mr.b and vocalists

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