2012 Winners

We had two very talented students win our Hopkins’ songwriting contest in 2012. Here are their videos. If you like to write songs then be sure to enter this year’s Songwriting Contest, and maybe you could have your own music video too!

Don’t Let Anybody Bring You Down

Question If You Dare

54 Responses to 2012 Winners

  1. nevaeh says:

    Mr.brooks speaking of music you should try a beast-beat called hip-hop instramental:AWESOME Beat Einstien:Wake & Bake #AWESOME#BEAT. oh, yeah that #AWESOME#BEAT stuff isn’t a part of the search.

  2. Cornflakes says:

    im in the video what!!!!!

  3. Nya Franklin says:

    Hi Mr.Books i miss you guys!!! I will be coming to visit you guys sometime next week. I cant wait to see you and all the new teacher and my old teachers. I miss you guys see you next week.

  4. jazmin says:

    i love the song dont let anybody bring you down
    that was amazing i love what mr brooks did
    with the song

  5. Isaiah carter says:

    Yes I know thank lol. P.S. yes,yes I am talking to my self P.S. my house is huge lol

  6. Isaiah carter says:

    Isaiah u or awesome

  7. Totally Tajia was the bomb Yo!

  8. saniaa says:

    That was so good songs .

  9. Nyiesha tyler says:


    • Isaiah Carter says:

      Jorden that was not cool just leaving me out of your music video like that P.S. it just was not cool man um DONE

  10. Nyiesha tyler says:

    srry jordan but i love elvas song and i only like your song…..:p

  11. Nyiesha tyler says:

    heyy yall 5th grders middle skool is HARD but fun….. tell mrs.kuzumechak i said heyy i miss u mr.brooks………*sigh*

    • Isaiah Carter says:

      Hey that is the truth middle school is fun and hard so thats y im awsome and a word i made up is i am ansome tell mrs.Kuzumechek i said heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to she is a good teacher so be very nice to her

  12. DeLisa Newbill says:

    I Miss Mr.Brooks so much I wanna cry.

  13. nikki fernandez says:

    i love it alllllllll i just can not pick one OMG okay

  14. canyia says:

    this song is sweet

  15. cavadae mills says:

    dont let anybody bring you down is sad

  16. Hannah waters says:

    I loved it E

  17. Omg ur songs was awesome by.… my favorite one was elva’s
    Elva thanks 2 ur song I won’t let anybody
    Bring me down! U go girl I wonder what’s gonna
    Happen wen u guys go to middle school??
    Well that’s all I gotta say I think (LOL)
    Ms.swagga is out deuces peace

  18. Brooklyn says:

    Elva,The video was amazing!

  19. Brooklyn says:

    Jordan, your video was cool!

  20. Brooklyn says:

    Mr.Brooks, You are a incredible artist for the videos that you did for the winners. cannot wait for the next one

  21. Brooklyn says:

    Both of the songs were so awesome! good luck to both of you!

  22. skyshaidavis says:

    mr. brooks you make some cool music videos and she performed it well!

  23. Skyshai says:

    I miss Hopkins !!

  24. zb says:

    if you think both was A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REPLY IF THINKING SO

  25. saniaa says:

    don’t let anybody bring you down is a sad song.(l)

  26. Jordan says:

    Really nobody cares about me the first winner the actual best song i need yo go baq to hopkins just to win again

  27. mrs. swagger(danae) says:


  28. OLIVIA aka (sweetie pie) says:

    elva i love your song 🙂

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