6-11-14 5th Grade Formal Dance

Mrs. Cheatham was the sponsor of our 5th Grade Formal Dance this year and made the theme “Light Up The Night” come alive with glow sticks, glowing balloons and a beautifully decorated cafe. Here are pics from this night of dancing and fun. All pics courtesy of Mr. Cheatham.

11 Responses to 6-11-14 5th Grade Formal Dance

  1. Morgan Hudson says:

    Its crazy to se how little we all were and it seem like ive been gone for so long anfd i continue to act and do movies how are you mr. Brooks ?? i truly miss all of my teachers!!

  2. ZB says:

    hey everyone just looking thru old memories i miss elementary so much but middle school is fun


  4. ranya says:

    I miss eveyone jfr luv yall ranya♥♥♥♡♥♡♥

  5. manny says:

    yo chill

  6. Foxi says:


  7. zb says:

    bummed one pic of me wasn’t up there but hey i had an amazing time
    shoutout to jacob hill :*

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