3-20-14 Minds In Motion

Thank you to the Richmond Ballet’s Minds in Motion Staff who help Hopkins Students Achieve Excellence.
Thank you to our sponsors including the following: The Chesterfield Public Education Foundation, Kiwanis Club of Chesterfield and a very special donor who chooses to remain anonymous!

Video courtesy of Mr. Brooks. Special thanks to Ms. Shelton and Mrs. Taylor.

6 Responses to 3-20-14 Minds In Motion

  1. Connie says:

    I wish I was still in minds in motion.I miss all my friends 🙂

  2. Rosa says:

    I love minds in motion it was fun !

  3. jayden says:

    i hope i did a good job in minds in motion

  4. Lisa Hill, Principal says:

    Hopkins is so fortunate to have the support of so many, the dedication of the Minds in Motion staff and our Bobcat kiddos who love to dance almost as much as they love their Minds in Motion teachers!

  5. Pam Leptich says:

    “Rock it out.” ” Anger and frustration just blows right out of me”. Being on stage…”I want to have that moment again.” Great comments and a great program! I am so encouraged that the arts and movement are alive again…at least in Virginia. Congratulations Paul and Emily.

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