11-26-13 Student Essays – Thanksgiving Stories

Our fabulous computer teacher Mrs. Lee did a writing prompt with our students.  She had them explain why they were thankful this Thanksgiving. Here are four examples of why our students here at Hopkins are so thankful…


What Am I Thankful For – by Kassandra     Kassandra

I am thankful for my mom for having my little brother and for her having me. But I have five super cool things I’m mostly thankful for are
1:  My life
2:  The education that I have,
3:  Food that I eat,
4:  Friends,
5:  Family.



What Am I Thankful For – by Diamond    Diamond

I am thankful for God. Because he has got my family through a lot. Also he has done something no man on earth can do, which is that he sent his son down on earth to die for our sins.  Every day and night I pray.  Last week he blessed me with the spider tickets.  I feel when he made me I was a masterpiece, well I’m still a masterpiece.  So this Thursday I’m gonna be thanking him first for waking me up in the morning, second because he blessed me with a whole lot of food, such as turkey, sweet potato pie, cake and more.



What Am I Thankful For – by Jakelin    Jakelin

I am thankful for everything I have. For having my Mom with me and my siblings. I love my family and I always will. I am thankful for God letting me be alive and my family. For my friends that play with me for my teacher who always shows me more and more I’m happy for them and proud.



What Am I Thankful For – by James    James

Thanksgiving means to me when I can hang out with my family. Hanging with my family on Thanksgiving means a lot to me we make jokes to each other and we watch football and play outside. Sometimes we go to New Jersey to see family members we haven’t seen in a long time. Sometimes people even cry because they haven’t seen each other in a long time. When we bless the food we thank the the Lord that we could see another day. And we bless the people that live on the streets and could not be here and for the people that bless the people that have died and could not see another day. Then we have a good time and eat our food with everyone and turn up the music and the whole family have a dance party. Then we go to bed and think of all the things we did.

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  1. nya says:

    cool diamond nd the rest of u

  2. Joe says:

    I am thankful for all the animals around me and nature and my family and my dad he is looking over me and he would be so proud of me and i am thankful for mother nature making thanksgiving have such great weather and it is not going to rain today and i am happy.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HAPPY THANKGIVING EVERBODY

  3. Niyah Mason says:

    I am thankful for helping people in school

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