10-25-13 1st Grade Speeches

Ms. White hosts our first annual first grade class president elections here at Hopkins Elementary. Our first grade teachers did a great job of putting on this event and it was a lot of fun for the kids. Wow, check out the video and see what a huge crowd came out to hear these speeches!!!

6 Responses to 10-25-13 1st Grade Speeches

  1. Cristian says:

    Hey every one my nick name is the honest boy

  2. T. Wheeler says:

    This was an awesome experience for the first graders. I love it. The students did a wonderful job.

  3. Mrs. B. Thomas says:

    This is wonderful! The students did an awesome job!

  4. janice says:

    Great job to all the candidates!!!

  5. Sharon Colgin says:

    Very Presidential!!! Go Bobcats!!!

  6. Lisa Hill says:

    Excellent job!

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