1-6-14 5th Grade Gymnastic Routines

Our students are always showing how talented and creative they are in all kinds of disciplines. Recently Mrs. Carpenter had her students finish up their gymnastics unit in PE by creating and performing their own gymnastics routines. The students did a great job of applying the skills that they had learned in PE and Mrs. Carpenter was kind enough to video tape some of their performances and make a video for Hopkins Rocks.

17 Responses to 1-6-14 5th Grade Gymnastic Routines

  1. Ashley Martinez-Castro says:

    i love the video

  2. Cool Jhonny says:

    This is Cool i love the Jonathan and Ephraim

  3. ranya says:

    hey everone i miss this school so much but now im inmiddle school i wish i was there now to see all the wonderful teachers

  4. everyone did a awesome job!

  5. jaliyah king says:

    go foxi get it girlfriend

  6. evan says:


  7. nohelia agudelo says:

    great job everyone…. go juliana!!!!

  8. skyshai davis says:

    those were some awsome routines!!

  9. Y’all did a good job I really like James and Clyde video

  10. Jorge says:

    Good job

  11. z.b says:

    i wish i saw me but it’s cool

  12. James Patterson says:

    This was so beautiful I truly wished we could have saw more. WAY 2 GO BOBCATS!!!!!

  13. nya says:


  14. morgan says:

    So cool

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