09-20-13 Summer Reading Log Party

Wow, we have so many strong readers here at Hopkins! Mrs. Segal threw a huge party for all 265 students who read over the summer and turned in their summer reading log. She had music, dancing and snow cones for everybody! It was a blast!!! Here are some pics and a video of the party.

Video by Zadiah Bennett & Mr. Brooks

Pics by D’moni Davis & Morgan Hudson

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8 Responses to 09-20-13 Summer Reading Log Party

  1. Tiffany says:

    Very cute event! Looks like the children enjoy themselves! Reading is fun! Thanks for pushing the kids to read!

  2. jazmin im Melanie you and me and all of our popular team are so pretty we look sooooooo cute all together lol dusses peace out

  3. saniaa says:

    I had so much fun!!!

  4. Rosa says:

    Hopinksrocks looks cool I’m not a teacher I’m a student I’ve been in this school the music teacher is funny and awesome . <3 Rosa

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