Veteran’s Day Show Pics

2nd Grade Veteran’s Day show in November of 2011…

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12 Responses to Veteran’s Day Show Pics

  1. Cool, Great that the little great good kids are supporting for the people all over the world that’s helping us keep up the hard good work guys:) see ya’ll later:)

  2. LIVVY LUV (Olivia) says:


  3. LIVVY LUV (Olivia) says:

    I remember when I did that in second grade!!!!!!!

  4. jordy says:

    thanks jonathan to be there

  5. my brother looks so awesome

  6. asya{be u} says:

    my bro looks so cute

  7. lacee says:

    some of them need to try out for chorus when they get older they were really good

  8. Elva says:

    i love devins sister

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