50’s Sock Hop Pics

Hopkins’ Sock Hop – November 16, 2011

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What A Wonderful World - Sam Cooke

What did you think of the Sock Hop? Should we do it again next year?

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  1. Jeremiah says:


  2. Brhyndhya says:

    Its me Brhyndhya Oliver i was in Mrs.t colemans class at that time but when i come to this website and see it i just want to go back to thoes days where it was fun at hopkins…………Today i live in New York City and I have dreams about going to hopkins and seeing all my freinds and teachers…..LOVE YALL BYE!

  3. Hi, I’m now the top of the world in school i’m a fifth grade of 2014 and our 50’s Sock hop was cool i wish we can do something like that again Thanks Mr.Brooks it was amazing and you guys looked amazing also well bye guys see y’all soon thanks again Mr.Brooks BTW i’m in Ms.Allbee class this year she’s the best!!!:)

  4. jazmin says:

    i was not there

  5. olivia says:

    that was soo cule im going to misss hopkins and mrs.kuzemchak

  6. amir says:

    forrrizle my nizzles

  7. amir says:

    a yall please read this i miss the school so bad i could burst in their faster than robert griffin the third i mean i miss all yalls iam crushed but not crying i cant wate 1 minute is too long to b away i just miss the scool so so 2000x bad

  8. Nyiesha (cutiepie) no last name! says:

    I LOVE these PICS…………………..I like the one with ummmm never mind!!!!!!!!;))

  9. Ragen' Spain says:

    Just looking back at old photos! So many good memory’s. Everytime I look at old photos I think I am growing to fast!

  10. i really am gonna miss this school is so fun

  11. HEY Mr.Brooks this queasha what you been up too 🙂

  12. zykeria says:

    i like all the pics mr.brooks and yas we should do this again!

  13. hey mr. brooks
    the pics are grate that you and mrs. tap took!

  14. lacee says:

    those are really good pics

  15. Kaleena says:

    those pics were awsome that was the funnest days of my life

  16. lacee says:

    all of the pics are really good

  17. Kim says:

    Lucky , See We Didnt have This Lat Year .

  18. Mikayla says:

    u rock mr.brooks!

  19. Amir $$$$$$$ says:

    im ca$h

  20. Amir $$$$$$$ says:

    miss E.jones leaving noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  21. Mikayla says:

    thoes pics were great mr.brooks! we should something like that again!

  22. zykeria says:

    I liked when i was hoolahooping and did we really had to turn around?i hope we do it again

  23. danae aka nae nae says:


  24. asia says:

    Cute pics

  25. Mrs. Hill says:

    I love these pics!!! Thank you!!!

  26. mason G. says:

    hey i wish i was there 🙁

  27. katie says:

    aha i luv the pics mr. brooks

  28. yyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

  29. nya nya nya and moses moses moses u both look great

  30. OMG I look so crazy but preety at the same time.

  31. moses says:

    please keep these pic’s until jan

  32. moses says:

    i wish we can have something like this again

  33. moses says:

    mr.brooks can you get the tape from my teacher mrs.thomas of me and nya swing danceing and put it on the 50’s sock hop

  34. Nya Franklin says:

    I love all of these pics that Ms.Tap and Mrs.Langston took love them

  35. Zackery Crigger says:

    Good pics Mr. Brooks!

  36. Nya Franklin says:

    Hi people of the world,
    This is Nya in fifth grade if u know me then reply if u dont then u can still reply.
    Did yall see the pic of me and moses he is my brother.
    I think we looked great out their and the other fifth graders.

    Mr.Brooks when r u going to post the winner of the best commercial?

  37. Rachel says:

    You guys sould do it next year even though I am not going to be at Hopkins next year but you should still do it my little sister loved it

  38. asya says:

    hey those are cool. that was fun!!!!!!!!

  39. Rachel says:

    Hey mr. Brooks It’s rachel in 5’th grade
    Are these all he sock up pictures?

    • Mr. Brooks says:

      Hey Rachel,
      Yes, these are all of the sock hop pictures that Mrs. Langston and Ms. Tap took during the sock hop. I think there is a picture of you and your sister in the Talent Show pics from last year. Did you spot that pic?

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