9-2-15 2015-2016 Teacher Team Pics

Our wonderful staff and teachers are ready to start the year right. Here are some pics of our teams here at Hopkins Road Elementary. Pics by Mr. Brooks.

Headstart & Pre K Team
Headstart & Pre K - 2015 Team Pic

Kindergarten Team
Kindergarten - 2015 Team Pic

1st Grade Team
1st Grade - 2015 Team Pic

2nd Grade Team
2nd Grade - 2015 Team Pic

3rd Grade Team
3rd Grade - 2015 Team Pic

4th Grade Team
4th Grade - 2015 Team Pic

5th Grade Team
5th Grade - 2015 Team Pic

SPED - 2015 Team Pic

Support Staff
Support Staff - 2015 Team Pic

Instructional Aides
Instructional Aides - 2015 Team Pic

Cafeteria Staff
Cafeteria - 2015 Team Pic

Administrative Team
Administration - 2015 Team Pic

5 Responses to 9-2-15 2015-2016 Teacher Team Pics

  1. josefina Gonzalez says:

    All are great! But my favorite is ours and secondly 2nd grade!!!! Mr. BROOKS IS SO TALENTED!!!

  2. Donna Venable says:

    Love, love, love the pics! It’s going to be a great year at Hopkins:) GO BOBCATS!
    Donna Venable

  3. Cynthia Surley Goodwyn says:

    Dr. Hill, I hope you all have a wonderful year. I love the pics everyone looks geared up, ready, and excited to start this school year!!!!! Go Bobcats!!!

  4. Janice Ellis says:

    LOVE the pictures!! Have a great year!!

  5. Tammy Morgan says:

    I absolutely love the fourth grade teams picture! !!AWESOME!

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