6-11-15 Graduation

Everyone at Hopkins is so proud of our 5th graders as they graduate from Hopkins Elementary and head off to middle school. Here are some pics and videos from the 5th grade promotion ceremony. Pics courtesy of Mrs. Ledgerwood and videos courtesy of Ms. Willoughby.

6 Responses to 6-11-15 Graduation

  1. I really miss this school im in 7th grade now the memories are startin g to make me cry.

    • Mr. Brooks says:

      We miss you too Tanazyah. I’m sure that you are doing great in 7th grade, you were such a great student here at Hopkins!!!

  2. PrincessT says:

    hey thanks hopkins elementry even now im at a new school and your not going to see me good luck to the new 5th graders and i am now half bocat and half panther

  3. Connie pineda says:

    hi everyone its me connie and i hope too see you guys in middle school next year.

  4. awwww soo cute..i wish i was thire but i was hurt..love yall and mr.brooks.also did youll sing ill always remember you…bye LOVE!!!!!!

  5. jayden says:

    hope i did a good job on that stage with god knows how many people starring at me

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