Holiday Craft Night 12/18/2012

December 18th, 2012. What a fantastic night for Hopkins. Ms. Valentine worked tirelessly with our teachers and staff to make the night a huge success! The Chorus and Dance Team really showed off their talent and wowed the crowd!

Videos courtesy of Ms. Jordan

First Half of Chorus/Dance Team show

Second Half of Chorus/Dance Team Show

All pics by Mr. and Mrs. Brooks

9 Responses to Holiday Craft Night 12/18/2012

  1. ammy says:

    I liked singing at craft night at first i wa a little shy

  2. Karla says:

    Wawa that show Was the best and the next day to

  3. mariela says:

    i was dancing

  4. mariela says:

    what about the video

  5. shekia macklin says:

    dyamond you look so cute,thanks mr,brooks they did great……….

  6. mrs. swagger(danae) says:

    omg my head hurts these pics are so good I almost passed out

  7. #Bubblesandsoda aka Mason says:

    Why Is My Sister Up There? Lol

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