5th Grade – December Portraits

All pics by Mr. Brooks…

Mrs. Kuzemchak

Mrs. Shelton

9 Responses to 5th Grade – December Portraits

  1. jazmin says:

    that is so amazing i love jades pics

  2. naenae(middle schooler) says:

    omg…so sad i left tht school…

  3. emma says:

    why did you not put 4th grade

  4. Erice a.k.a Reese says:

    Y’all are waiting on ms.albee class Lol

  5. qb says:

    uh omg what about ms.allbee class

  6. Mr.Brooks I am So MAD at you, you didn’t put ms.Allbee’s class up there I wanted to see if I looked good or not!!!!! Oh yea welcome back I hope u feel ok I’m done atleast I think I can LOL

  7. Érode a.k.a Reese says:

    Mr.Brooks you did wonderful nice pictures they are beautiful

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