3rd Grade – December Portraits

All pics by Mr. Brooks…

Ms. Crist

Mrs. Terry

Mrs. Wilkins

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  1. Jayden says:

    ya to me also because luckily I was in there with all my third grade friends! P.S thanks mr.brooks for that you do I’m so glad that you are our music techer I really like how you are so funny and very fun!

  2. hi it is m jazmin im now in fourth grade yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  3. jazmin says:

    there is non of me mr. brooks

  4. emma says:

    nice pics my favorite is brianna

  5. Kathy Brightman says:

    These are so awesome!!! I love them all!!! But of course my favorite is Valerie! Lol!
    Thanks Mr. Brooks!!

  6. Awesome pics of the kids Mr. Brooks!

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