2013 5th Grade Graduation

On June 13th 2013 our 5th graders graduated from Hopkins on the Meadowbrook High School stage. This is a wonderful group of students and they will truly be missed!

Pics courtesy of Mr. Gadson, Mr. Nifasha and Mr. Brooks

“Gonna Miss You 5th Grade” song by Erice Randolph, Mason Gadson & Selma Salih.
Recording engineer Ally Hill.

Gonna Miss You 5th Grade

10 Responses to 2013 5th Grade Graduation

  1. Amaiya"LOVE U"Johnson says:

    All these people are still my close family even though some of us have went our different ways we will always be together and to the new 5th graders enjoy elementary school while you can and Hopkins will always be my 2nd home.

  2. Amaiya "LOVE U" Johnson says:

    I am still a bobcat and still in the cat family i’ll be back to visit

  3. amir / jswerve says:

    ms. hill wearin versace

  4. Mrs. Hill says:

    I love this!!! I will miss you all very much! Best wishes and always make us proud!

  5. Amayah White says:

    Wow! I’ll truly miss all of you guys!:'( Yesterday was my last day! I didn’t get to say my good-byes but we all should keep in touch! Good Luck in middle school. (:

    • shanya (straight_up_cute) says:

      aww ur so nice but im not in middle school im still in Hopkins but I think I should be good IM SAYING ALL MY FINALLY GOOD BYES TO THE KIDS IN MIDDLE SCHOOL YALL ID GREAT ND IM GONNA MISS YALL LUV YALL FITH GRADERS 🙂

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