Dance Team

Step Up Choreography

Move Your Body – Beyonce Video

Move Your Body Choreography – Part 1

Move Your Body Choreography – Part 2

Move Your Body – Full Routine

70 Responses to Dance Team

  1. mo535 says:

    hahaha good job best man!!!!!

  2. kayla m says:

    good job

  3. asya{live,laugh,luv} says:

    im going the move luv it

  4. Ragen Spain (rachel Espana ) says:

    Great remix guys!!!!!
    You guys did good in the talent show !!! :)

  5. caylah says:

    LOVED THE TALENT SHOW IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kayla m says:


  7. Lizmary says:

    This is sweet :)

  8. Lizmary(SWAGG) says:


  9. Ragen Spain says:

    I know right

  10. LIVVY LUV (Olivia) says:


  11. Jorezzy Kid Ka$h says:

    thats what i doo

  12. olivia says:

    im soo bored right now

  13. leticia who knows olivia says:

    hey olivia

  14. tyrell says:

    Hi last year was so cool

  15. saniaa says:

    love this song so much

  16. qb says:

    hey yall its qb hows middle school old fifth graders? fun,cool,boring,wack,or no saying

  17. Skyshai says:

    I’m in 6 grade now and want to say mr.BROOKS is THE BEST TEACHER EVER!

  18. Skyshai says:

    I’m in 6 grade now and I want to say mr.Brooks is the best music teacher EVER!

  19. zb says:

    hey i’m on the dance team but almost missed one day but it seems great just that i’m up-set that i couldn’t stay for the whole time.

    hey mr.brooks when will dt meet again?
    p.s dt is ndance team

  20. Hey this is Kaleena I’m in 6 th grade .I was also in dance team, protectors, chorus, faf and honor society and also danced in talent show and in Jordan browns music video and this year I’m taking band and just for future reference mr Brooks taught me what loving music really means :) LoL

  21. lacee (SWAGG NERD) mccarn says:

    Man i hate my ears i missed today because my ear hurt but i dont know if im going to dance team tomorrow so im sorry mr.b and everyone else in dance team peace

  22. jahquala says:

    go dance team shout out to zadiah as in bff

  23. qb says:

    where is the pics from last year of dance team?

  24. qb says:

    nevermind found them lol

  25. hi everybody hope skool is going good i will surely miss richmond

  26. omg miss yall at hopkins soo much i hope yall miss me !…..

  27. Hey everyone I totally miss hOpkins and mr brooks

  28. ammy says:

    go dance team again

  29. YAY! Im on dance team and i absolutly love it!

  30. Jade (CASH MONEY$) says:


  31. I am everyone is outstanded by my musical skill!!!:)

  32. bella fra says:

    i am not in you guys state im in Europe and i love this website oh and is it mr. brookes well i love what you did with the website

  33. z.b says:

    bye eswagg gonna miss ya :*(

  34. aniyah says:

    Funny I love it

  35. zb says:

    thx mr.b but I’m not lol kinda late :)

  36. z.b says:

    i was trying to say dance team if you haven’t yet look up this song called move your body by beyonce you too mr.b maybe if we like it we can do it for the talent show.

  37. zykeria says:

    that was awsome i just learned it an its a good dance

  38. Triumph perry says:

    OMG LOL!!!!! The talent show was great!!!

  39. Triumph perry says:

    Thank you mr.brooks

  40. jayden says:

    thank you mr.brooks for what you do. you are the most funny guy i have ever seen and you are also very fun to hang out with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. nya (shanya) says:

    Hey y’all ik how to do the beyonce-move your body dance now woohoo shout out to @ShanyaJ..Aka shanaenae nd nyaa doee:)

  42. laya says:

    hey i was a student of hopkins and i just wanted to say i miss you truimph perry and dominque ingram and ohh i didnt forget you mr.brooks….lol -Brhyndhya Henry-Oliver

  43. Brhyndhya says:

    ohhh and the people i made shout outs to i m asking can you please give me your number so i can get in contact………….LOVE YALL BYE

  44. Cristian says:

    Man how do you make these film Mr.Brooks and Dylan

  45. wow so fantastic LOL beyonce just running I lov her..LOVE YOU

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