2010-2011 The Protectors

During the 2010-2011 year I was fortunate enough to work with some outstanding students here at Hopkins on a movie called “The Protectors”. It was based on a short story that one of our students submitted that year for a writing challenge that I had sponsored. The kids worked on this movie after school for about 4 months doing all of the filming and lighting themselves. The entire project with pre and post production took 8 months to complete. It was a great learning opportunity, both for students and for myself. A lot of students continue to ask me if we will be making a “Protectors 2” in the future, and to that I say…

Mr. Brooks
Music Specialist

Please enjoy episode 1 – I have removed the Hopkins’ commercials from the episode.

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  1. Ashley Martinez-Castro says:

    when is episode 2 coming???????

    • Mr. Brooks says:

      We won’t be making an episode 2, but we are doing some videos this year. Make sure to try out if you are interested!

  2. BKNicole says:


  3. jt says:

    i am in 27.00 ahh memories

  4. Connie says:

    Hi Mr.Brooks I was going to be in the movie because I’m in fourth grade and I couldn’t be in the movie because I changed school maybeyb I might come back in fifth grade.

  5. This movie rocks just like hopkins!

  6. christina says:

    hi mr brooks I love the Movie

  7. DeLisa Newbill says:

    I Miss all my teachers. 6th grade is nothing compared to this school and these videos. Im LiL Lisa from the first music video.

  8. This movie totally rocks!

  9. I was alberta in this movie and any one knows I Sam the master of swag tyrel

    I’m Lacees sis and I’m in 6 th grade

  10. Alicia Alvarez says:

    man i remember when i used to make awesome videos with mr. Brooks. i miss you. i’ll be in high school next year at some point i’ll have to visit. 🙂

  11. olivia says:

    hey mr.brooks u should make another one

  12. amir says:

    i think they going to have a new protectors

  13. valerie says:

    i love it

  14. LiL Lisa says:

    I’m goinng to miss mr.brooks and the videos. Can’t believe mr.brooks is losing me and jordan. :'(.

  15. MERCY (olivia) says:


  16. Rykeius says:

    Omg i loved making i miss hopkins

  17. Olivia says:

    THIS IS AWESOME I wonder if mr.brooks is going to make another one:->

  18. tyrell says:


  19. mrs. swagger(danae) says:


  20. mrs. swagger says:


  21. Shelbe barnes says:

    I love this movie when are mrs medians class going to have music

  22. Asia G says:


  23. Ally says:

    Awesome I look hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. asya{live,laugh,luv} says:

    luv the movie

  25. Nyiesha (cutiepie) no last name! says:

    I LOVE the B.L.O.O.P.E.R.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. shelbe barnes says:

    love the movie

  27. lacee says:

    my sis really gave it her all in that movie i hope we do another one and i get to be BIG ALBERTA that would be AWESOME


  29. Shelbe Barnes says:

    hi mr.brook love the movie it is so cool what are you going to do about the jason leber video ?

  30. IMANI says:


  31. caylah delaney says:

    I love it make another movie of the Protectors

  32. kayla monroe says:

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it

  33. asya m {be u} says:

    I LOVE IT …..COOL !!!!

  34. Kim says:

    Hey , I Remember That I Miss You Mr . Brooks . I was In His Class Last YEar But Now Im In 6th Grade . – _ –

  35. martez says:

    wow thats great I hope I get to be in one next year

  36. martez says:

    this is supper swagg 😀

  37. mason G. says:

    nice u should put dat on TV

  38. jalicea says:

    i thouth it will be scary from music

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