2016 – The Wand

Being a bully is something that our students at Hopkins know is never alright. This film is all about a girl who realizes not only that you should never be a bully, but that you need to stand up for people that are being bullied. Be a buddy, not a bully!

A special thanks to all of our students and staff that helped with the production!

We hope you enjoy the 2016 production of… THE WAND

Video by Mr. Brooks

8 Responses to 2016 – The Wand

  1. Asia says:

    Cool Jada your in a movie!

  2. Derrick young says:


  3. Ashley Martinez-Castro says:

    you did Hayden!!!!!!And Miss Willoughby

  4. Hayden1000 says:

    I rocked Stephanie in The Wand.

  5. Hey Hopkins Elementary! Great video to show how to BE A BUDDY! I am very proud of your school for coming together to make a welcoming environment for everyone! Keep up the good work!
    Isabella Griffin-Be A Buddy Not A Bully

  6. Stacy Spinella says:

    Great job! What a wonderful message.

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