We are always looking for actors and actresses for our productions here at Hopkins Music. Keep an eye/ear out for productions and auditions which are always posted on the main page of HopkinsRocks as well as throughout the hallways of Hopkins.

If you would like to be in one of Hopkins’ videos come out and audition!

83 Responses to Videos

  1. Rachael Ramirez says:

    i went here from 1-4 grade i miss Hopkins i am in middle school now p.s im Rachael

  2. Ashley says:

    I LOVE the videos!!!!Mr.Brooks great production on all videos

  3. Derrick young says:

    Sweet treats

  4. jazmin lee says:

    this is kayla and i love it

  5. zaney says:

    Say what

  6. These videos are the best!!!!

  7. shanya says:

    yo i still go to this school in till next year and i wish that i can keep seein mr.brooks cus he is funny and he make funny cool videos and i just love it i like mr.brooks he’s cool i will feel sad if i dont get to see him next year 🙁

  8. this is manny i need some tips for my song

  9. tyrell says:

    I went to this school last year it is awsome

  10. LiL Lisa says:

    I really do miss everybody mostly you mr brooks and mrs kuzemchak

  11. qb says:

    cool funny so mr.brookes

  12. OLIVIA aka (sweetie pie) says:


  13. lol i keep saying hello every year cuz im in the same school now i got 2 say bye or peace

  14. lacee says:

    the commercials are great and who every made up these commercials you have super SWAGG

  15. Lizmary(SWAGG) says:

    I think that u should do a commercial about a magical fruit that can do anything u want it to do when u take a bite! 😉

  16. Nyiesha (cutiepie) no last name! says:

    WATTS up mr.brooks I wrote a song today while I waz sick in bed and I was hoping you could listen to it if you can`t I totally understand your a byssie guy L8R!!!!!! ;^)) I wanna be elva but with my own swagg!

  17. caylah delaney says:


  18. Nyiesha says:

    Wat about a Ke$ha fruit or veggie ……………you eat it and You talk,sing,dance LOOK like her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………………..I`m confused

  19. christian a says:

    i love all the creative ideas our schools students come up with

  20. IMANI says:


  21. masongadson says:

    yea!! super fruit! lol 😀 and hey jordyn!

  22. lacee says:

    your a horrid singer dont worry because the micro magic will help you out its a remote control mic lets say a kesha song comes on press the kesha button and sing like kesha

  23. Kaleena says:

    i support all of your ideas i just hope i get a part in one

  24. asya m says:

    i think all ideas are great

  25. Moses says:

    We should have a basketball one and I would love 2 star in it

    • Mr. Brooks says:

      We are having a basketball commercial, that is one of the commercials that we are having auditions for this week.

  26. Maddie says:

    I think that if u make a favsm a fruit and viggie supper man u can stay strong and helthy

  27. Zackery Crigger says:

    Eat healthy at hopkins. If you don,t you will not strong don,t you want to be strong?

  28. Viridiana says:

    I love all ur ideas

  29. Zackery Crigger says:

    Hi Mr.brooks How Are You Doing

  30. asya m says:

    funny&cooool&fun idea

  31. Isabel says:

    The big about a cat that eat the tv and there is a thing to help you .someone said what is it?it the rock in roll.then someone said Rock in roll?it does need thing and all of them said wow!

  32. Viridiana says:

    And to day in school there were maymma jeans today :d

  33. Viridiana says:

    Like the star fruit that we tasted in school that comes from hawaii or somewhere i don’t know but it comes from some where:

  34. I have another idea………Bat Fruit is a super hero but a fruit at the same time! this will teach kids that if they eat their fruits and veggies they could be a super hero! but if their not a super hero the’ll always be stong and the boys and some girls can probably be a PRO wrestler one day.

  35. I have an idea for you Mr.Brooks. Its the candy XBOX Kinect. It’s made entirely out of Candy!!!!!!!!! COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!

  36. Nya Franklin says:

    Lazy fruit:
    Lazy does nothing but lay down and sleep and eat! Lazy fruit is so lazy she wont even make up her BED!!

  37. Nya Franklin says:

    Crazy fruit
    Crazy fruit does anthing u want it to do like clean your room when u dont want to and can dance like crazy thats why it is called crazy fruit!!

  38. its jayjay[NYJAIA BEY] says:


  39. Justin Coleman says:

    Super Fruit
    fruit that is so healthy that it will make you strong enough to pick up anything even all the planets at one time

  40. the orange can say please dont eat me the boy or girl can say to late

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